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The construction sector is at the heart of our lives: construction enterprises and their workers build the homes we live in, the roads on which we travel and the buildings we work or learn in. European citizens spend on average over 90% of their time indoors, meaning that our health and well-being strongly depends on how our buildings are built, maintained and renovated.

Latest news

The Construction 2050 Alliance publishes a Joint statement on the draft Taxonomy Environmental Delegated Act

On 5th April, the European Commission published the draft version of its long-awaited“Environmental Delegated Act” with the technical screening and Do-No-Significant-Harmmcriteria for the four remaining environmental objectives of the Taxonomy Regulation (environmental objectives 3 to 6). This delegated act will complement the so-called Climate Delegated Act (the first delegated act under the Taxonomy Regulation), the…

The Alliance meets DG Grow to discuss the Transition pathway for construction

Following the publication of its construction pathway on 15 March 2023, the Commission services represented by Katharina Knapton-Vierlich, Head of Unit Construction, and Ilektra Papadaki, Team leader, joined the Construction 2050 Alliance members to exchange on the upcoming challenges, opportunities, and possible ways forward. To have a look at the presentation of the European Commission,…

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