A new structure for the High-Level Construction Forum: co-creating a policy roadmap for the sector

The EU Industrial Strategy recognized construction as a priority ecosystem to achieve EU goals, for which the best transition pathways should be identified through a co-creation process including all relevant actors, amongst which industry stakeholders, EU institutions and Member States.

The European Commission has initiated this co-creation process with a renewed High Level Construction Forum (HLCF) driving the development of this transition pathway. Based on the experiences and feedback on the Construction 2020 initiative, the stakeholders’ needs and interests, and the political priorities of the EU, a new structure has been set up for the HLCF, split into the following cluster groups for more targeted debates:

  • Digital Cluster Group: To enable a digital and innovative construction ecosystem
  • Green Cluster Group: To enable a resource and energy efficient, decarbonised construction ecosystem
  • Resilient Cluster Group: To enable a resilient construction ecosystem (e.g., developing skills, better regulation of the internal market and ensuring international competitiveness)

The proposed mission of the HLCF is to provide a forum for the construction ecosystem to co-create and implement a roadmap for the transition pathways towards a green, digital, and resilient construction ecosystem that contributes to the wider EU goals. The roadmap is expected to provide concrete actions and targets for 2030 and 2050 and identify potential opportunities and barriers to overcome.

The Construction 2050 Alliance is cooperating with the other construction stakeholders to provide initial feedback on the governance of the new HLCF and its cluster groups and initiate the discussions on the future policy roadmap. The Construction 2050 Alliance and its members are all participating as a collective and an individual basis and look forward to further collaborating with the European institutions.

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