The Construction 2050 Alliance discusses the path towards the 2024 EU elections

Last Friday, the Construction 2050 Alliance gathered at the CECE headquarters in Brussels to discuss the path towards the 2024 European Parliament elections.

During the meeting, key players from the industry detailed the challenges facing the construction industry and how they aim to utilise the upcoming Belgian presidency of the Council of the EU and the European Parliament elections to convey their concerns. With the industry facing inflationary pressure, increases in interest rates and a downturn in new contracts, the Alliance agreed that its communications over the coming months are pivotal. Key subjects to be addressed include the green transition, the need for new homes, the rebuilding of Ukraine, and the solutions the construction industry can offer. As the MEPs and political parties shape their agendas over the next few months, the Construction 2050 Alliance plans to bring the topic of construction to the table.

The Construction 2050 Alliance, is a dynamic consortium of industry leaders dedicated to producing a sustainable and prosperous future for the construction industry by reshaping the current landscape. With a vision extending to 2050, the Alliance aims to address the most pressing challenges facing the sector while harnessing its potential for growth and positive global impact. The Steering Group of the Alliance has been reinforced with the presence as of now of UIPI and Housing Europe, next to EBC, FIEC, Construction Products Europe and CECE.